Testimony – Tim S.

Testimony – Tim S.

Without him, our Lord Jesus Christ in my life, I wonder if I would even be here. I was born into a very, bad household, by my late, biological parents, where I was exposed to drugs and alcohol. As I understand it, I was given alcohol to drink as a baby, and actually ate some of the cockroaches crawling around.

The woman, who later adopted me, was told that I might not see my first birthday. As I was growing up, I was not pressured to seek Jesus, however, early in life, my Mother taught me the “Golden Rule”, early in life. “Treat others as you would like to be treated.”

One day at school I was beat up in a shower stall for trying to defend someone who was of another race, who was a believer. They were bruised and battered, from the bullying, just because they were different. To this day I seek no vengeance against those who were the bullies.

I ask my Mother why she taught us the Golden Rule? Why was it so important? She answered, that is the way of the Lord Jesus Christ, who humbled himself for us, because of his unconditional love for us. I gave my life to Jesus that day, the Son of God, who died for me and rose from the dead.

I still wonder why he did that for me! Maybe it is so that my life story might help others be led to Christ, someday.

-Tim S.