Who We Are

Who We Are

IMG_4557Our Mission Statement:
The Brent Alliance Chapel is Biblically based in a small country atmosphere, glorifies God through praise and worship. The body of believers demonstrates His Spirit through prayer, witnessing, discipling, and ministering to the needs of the church family, the community and the world.

Tough Faith and Loving Fellowship
Through the seasons of life we see many changes.  Some changes we like, and some we don’t.  We tend to like our comfort zone, because it is familiar, and predictable.  If a Church never changes, and it becomes “set-in-it’s ways”, does that hinder ones relationship with God?  Sometimes we get so used to the “routine”, and we don’t think about why we do things; we just do them a certain way, as we have for years.

The Church in America is dying a slow death.  Christians have been targets of harsh criticism, but some have responded showing hate, not love.  How sad is it that we worship a God of love and compassion, but don’t show it to the world.  Is today’s Christian following the teachings that have been given to them in the Bible?  Or, do we like to pick and choose what parts of the Bible suit us to prove ourselves as the all knowing ones?

When we interact with the others and the world as a whole, would we do it the same if Jesus were standing beside us listening to our words and actions?

We don’t have all the answers.  We fellowship and share with each other how the Bible applies to our lives.  Our little country church is making some changes to how we do things, different from the old, “ritualistic” ways.  We want to grow closer to God, and learn how to not just talk the Christian talk, but walk the Christian walk as Jesus instructs us in the Bible.

You are welcome to come and join us, have a good cup of coffee, and good fellowship. If you are not sure what fellowship is, join us and see.

May God be with you and keep you all your days!